11 Commas, 2022

Bronze, each 82x200x2mm

Photo by Lana Adams

Countess.Report (Amy Prcevich, Elvis Richardson, Miranda Samuels)

11 Commas represents the data categories that Countess.Report collects – Date | Name | Role | Gender | DOB | Place of Birth | Gallery Type| Gallery Name | Exhibition Title | Exhibition type | Highest Education |The comma is an object that both separates fields of data and allows a pause, or a moment of reflection when moving from one idea, artwork or data field to the next.

Commas give structure, form and integrity to data. In many computer languages commas are used as a field delimiter to separate a function, or categories on a list, or to perform data designation on multiple variables at once. The comma allows for space and separation between numbers so that percentages and proportions can be calculated.

These 11 commas represent the data categories that Countess.Report collects – date, name, role (artist/curator/director/boardmember) gender, date of birth, place of birth, gallery type, gallery name, exhibition title, exhibition type and when available the highest level of education undertaken by the artist.

This work features in: FUMA (2022)