2022 | FUMA

26 April - 8 July

Flinders University Museum of Art

Social Sciences North Building, Sturt Road, Bedford Park SA 5042

Installation, Flinders University Museum of Art. Photos by Lana Adams

The Data Imaginary: Fears and Fantasies brings together eminent and emerging artists and designers to show how creative applications of data technology are crucial for a vital, inclusive and sustainable future. Audiences are engaged in critical, playful and agentic reflections on data and creative technologies and are empowered to examine some of the most pressing issues of our times – climate change, location data and data legacies. In an era of data intensification, bringing these works together facilitates critical conversations about data and inclusivity and highlights data’s potential applications in our everyday lives.

Artists and Designers: Robert Andrew, Silvio Carta, Countess.Report, Andrew Gall, Lola Greeno, Geoff Hinchcliffe & Mitchell Whitelaw, Interaction Research Studio, Jenna Lee, Joana Moll, Patrick Pound, Aidan Rowlingson, Judy Watson, Warraba Weatherall and Tali Weinberg.

Curators: Angela Goddard, Griffith University Art Museum (lead); Katherine Moline, UNSW School of Art & Design; Amanda Hayman & Troy Casey, Blaklash Creative; and Beck Davis, ANU School of Art & Design.

Recordings from The Data Imaginary Symposium @FUMA 6-7 July 2022 are available via the links below:

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