Stanislava Pinchuk

Data Study (Annual Mean Temperature Anomaly: Australia), 2021

5 parts: pin-holes on Arches 640gsm paper, 58 x 540 cm overall

Private collection of Hollie Taylor and Glenn Mackay, Brisbane

Stanislava Pinchuk is a Ukrainian-Australian born in Kharkiv, Ukrainian SSR (b.1988). Pinchuk explores contested territories through data-mapping the changing topographies of climate change, war and conflict zones. Her work surveys how landscape holds memory and provides testament to ecologies and politics. Fusing an interest in philosophy, textiles, street art and topography Pinchuk uses drawing, installation, tattooing, film & sculpture to map the effect of global warming on the land and areas of conflict around the world. Her examination of the ways in which ground retains the memory of violence show how the land beneath our feet is charged with memories of ecological and political events.

In Data Study (Annual Mean Temperature Anomaly: Australia Pinchuk has created a series of data-maps documenting the new landscape topographies with precision pinholes that captures the contour of the ground. “Pinchuk presents a five-panel work consisting of pinhole drawings titled Data Study (Annual Mean Temperature Anomaly: Australia). This paper-based polyptych is a study of one of Pinchuk’s yet to be announced projects; a public art commission taking the form of a climate data mural and a nightly animation that would be directly connected to the Bureau Of Meteorology data and change daily accordingly. In this delicate five-panel work, Pinchuk has translated, pinhole by pinhole, thousands of data points describing the changing patterns of Australian temperature. A meticulous, physically demanding and time-consuming creative process that highly resembles her home-made tattooing practice. Data Study (Annual Mean Temperature Anomaly: Australia) is a poetic transcription of scientific figures into an ocean of undulating waves.”

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This work features in: GUAM (2021)