Yulia Brazauskayte

Undula, 2019-2021

Two sensored rocking chairs / sound collaboration with Frederic Robinson

Courtesy of the artist

Yulia Brazauskayte (b.1993) is a PhD candidate within the Creative Robotics Lab at the University of New South Wales, Art & Design. With a background in Product Design Brazauskayte’s practice-based PhD project explores movement-based interactions with technology.

Through her experimental practice Brazauskayte reinforces characteristics of our embodied existence that allows people to communicate over distance in a dynamic, co-regulated and ambiguous way without the use of words or explicit written language.

Undula aims to test the hypothesis that connectedness can arise from a jointly attentive dynamic body movement coordination. By asking “how do we allow people in separated settings to feel connected via communication technology?” Brazauskayte’s Undula becomes a new platform for inter-affective movement-based communication.

This experimental interactive design work explores the ways in which interaction design can enable full-body expressivity in social interactions, conducted over a long distance. The outcome is a novel form of digital interaction through a minimal embodied interface. By encouraging dynamic co-regulated communication, Brazauskayte challenges traditional norms and behaviours for conversing and connecting with others.

This work features in: GUAM (2021)